4 Places To Enjoy Halong Seafood

Halong seafood
Halong seafood

Besides sightseeing, exploring the lives of local people, eating fresh seafood is an experience you shouldn’t miss out when traveling Halong. There are 4 popular places to enjoy seafood in Halong.

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1. Yacht

Most of travelers chose to stay in a yacht to explore beauty of Halong bay, a few traveler want to admire beautiful views from seaplane. To discover all the caves and the beauty of Halong Bay you should stay on a yacht all day, it is also a great opportunity to enjoy seafood. Depending on the time and the tour that visitors will enjoy various dishes such as lemongrass steamed clams, fried squid, grilled ngan, steamed crabs, fried snails, lobster, etc.. However, the seafood served on yacht  is rather expensive.

Enjoy seafood on a cruise yacht
Enjoy seafood on a cruise yacht

2. Cai Dam market

Cai Dam market is about 3km away from Bai Chay beach. You can find all kinds of seafood such as sea urchin, squids, prawn, fish, etc.. Prices are pretty cheap here, visitors can buy and bring to a nearby restaurant to enjoy eating.

Grilled seafood at market
Grilled seafood at market

3. Ben Doan Street

Savvy travelers may know Ben Doan street in Halong is an ideal place enjoy seafood. When you stroll along the road you will feel good smells of grilled shrimp, grilled crab, grilled snails, etc.. When eating seafood, you can enjoy the cool breeze from the sea and beautiful night view.

4. Floating restaurant

In addition to below places, you can choose to enjoy seafood at floating restaurant. It is a popular seafood restaurant on the beach mini local people serves a variety of seafood dishes caught up directly in the sea.


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