Am Islet and But Islet


Am Islet

On the route to Quan Lan – Ngoc Vung islands; Am Rock or Kettle Islet is situated in Bai Tu Long Bay. It is an near island in Halong Bay, contribute to make Ha Long Bay become a sea landscape, bring many different feeling for the tourist when they came here.

Am Islet is an island jutting out of the blue seawaters, its shape is like a pot of tea, a common house hold in Vietnamese family. According to the legends, it was  the teapot of the Jade Emperor, who accidentally dropped it into Ha Long so, its handle was broken. And everytimes, when the tourists come here must be praised for admiring the natural beauty of the Am Islet.

But Islet

Some 30-minute boating away from the Con Cóc Islet, on the way to the Ba Trái Ðào (Three Peaches) Island, visitors see a pen bobbing (But Islet) in the seawaters. This constitutes a monument of knowledge Mother Dragon wanted to pass down to the present-day generations.

Lying adjacent to the Pen Islet is a small attractive beach. Tourists can anchor there to take a bath.


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