Enjoy Halong Oyster

Halong oysters
Halong oysters

An additional well-known seafood in Halong is oyster. Oyster is a nutrition-rich food and provides a plethora of energy for your body. Inside its hard-shell is blood-like red bowel, which carry the most delicious and nutritious part of an oyster. Protein is a component of all the cells in the body and a building block of skin tissue. Proteins are broken down into amino acids, the building blocks of new Proteins for the body’s constant reconstruction job. They are like Legos, coming in different shapes, sizes, and types that help construct collagen in the skin. It’s a perfect economy, with the amino acids being recycled into new Proteins on a supply-and-demand basis. Iron aids in transporting oxygen to the body’s cells. Iron is a facilitator for regulating body temperature and also plays a key role in providing strength to the immune system.

Fresh oyster
Fresh oyster

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Similar to lobster, the best way to enjoy oyster is to boil it, which could maintain its taste. Putting some blades of lemongrass into pot, the water must be brought to a rolling boil. Oyster, then, is soaked into pot and taken out right after air bubbles rise. Enjoy it immediately with beer, for example, to get its finest flavor.


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